The TBM Awards recognize a wide range of accomplishments achieved by employing the disciplines of TBM. Leaders, innovators and pioneers in IT and finance advance TBM and pave the way for a successful partnership within their enterprise.

Learn about the TBM Awards categories below:

Business Innovation Award

Business innovation and technology innovation are increasingly synonymous. Savvy technology leaders are disrupting the status quo with new capabilities, services and business models to win, serve, and retain customers. This award recognizes those technology organizations that have applied technology business data and process to change conversations from cost to value, shape demand, guide investment and/or drive innovation with fellow business leaders.

Successful nominees can demonstrate how they and their teams used TBM data and processes to:

  • Provide technology leadership to business executives that enabled business innovation
  • Demonstrate the impact of IT investments on business KPIs such as revenue growth, market share, profit margins)
  • Shift a significant portion of the IT or technology budget from maintenance costs to innovation investments
  • Connect digitally with customers while effectively partnering with the marketing organization
  • Leverage technology for new markets, new sales channels and new sources of revenue
  • Implement repeatable processes that enable sustained innovation
  • Develop and use metrics, KPIs and benchmarks that enable business and IT leaders measure and improve the impact of innovation
  • This award will be given based on team achievement

IT Optimization Award

Formerly called Infrastructure Trailblazer Award

Modernization and standardization. Rationalizing and aligning application, vendor and project portfolios. Optimizing capacity and capabilities for service quality, performance and efficiency. Shifting spend from run-the-business to change-the-business. IT leaders are asked to build the plane while flying it – and promise a smooth ride. This award recognizes the innovative, strategic and bold use of data to drive decisions for infrastructure efficiency, agility, quality, performance and business value.

Successful nominees can demonstrate how they and their teams used TBM data and processes to:

  • Optimize infrastructure performance, capacity utilization, security and cost
  • Improve agility through the cost structure, automation and other aspects of delivery
  • Migrate business applications or IT services to cloud-based technologies while managing risk and cost
  • Support mobility and/or big data through changes to backend operations, architecture and platforms
  • Implement virtualized desktops or other technologies to improve entire user experience
  • Shift to delivering “infrastructure as a service” to their business users and application owners
  • This award will be given based on team achievement

IT Services Transformation Award

More and more, the transformation from a technology provider to a service provider is accelerated by the cloud. Not only does the public cloud delivery model put internal IT services in a new light, private and hybrid cloud adoption provides benefits for cost and agility that are needed by your business. This transformation requires a mental shift that starts with the customer’s needs, then drives a cultural shift in how technology is offered and consumed, sourced and delivered, measured and managed. This award recognizes IT organizations who have successfully applied technology business data and process to drive transformation in cloud, on-premises and/or hybrid services strategy, design or delivery.

Successful nominees can demonstrate how they and their teams used TBM data and processes to:

  • Improve business KPIs through IT service improvements
  • Improve IT service efficiency or quality
  • Communicate value to the business through an IT services portfolio
  • Deliver an IT services portfolio that is aligned with the needs of the business
  • Design and offer different levels of service to provide clearer cost/quality choices to the business or end customers
  • Empower service owners to drive the “P&L” of their services by measuring and communicating service cost, quality and value
  • Shift to a service-oriented consumption model for chargeback of IT costs
  • Own the “P&L” of their services by measuring and communicating service value while managing the total costs of services and applications
  • Take a consultative, client-centered approach to engaging with the lines of business
  • Changing the dialogue with business partners about IT services, shifting from cost conversations to value-based tradeoffs
  • This award will be given based on team achievement

Strategy & Planning Excellence Award

IT leaders face a conundrum. The long-term nature of technology investments means they must plan not just months ahead but oftentimes three to five years out. Meanwhile, their business partners expect a level of agility that allows them to capitalize on new opportunities or respond to new threats quickly and with the full support of IT. This award recognizes those IT leaders who have found a way to bridge the gap by developing and maintaining an IT strategy and corresponding planning process that not only ensures business alignment but helps IT be the value partner that their business so desperately needs.

Successful nominees can demonstrate how they and their teams used TBM data and processes to:

  • Perform IT strategic planning (3-5 years out) that reflects an understanding of business demand, service cost dynamics and resource needs
  • Accelerate the annual planning process and improve the linkage to business needs over the next year
  • More quickly anticipate plan variances and take action to avoid negative business consequences
  • Instrument business demand and anticipate changes in demand and consumption
  • Improve financial and resource agility of IT to more easily respond to changing business demands
  • This award will be given based on team achievement

CFO of IT Excellence Award

Today’s technology leaders often face demands to do more, do it faster and deliver it cheaper — feats that are impossible without excellent financial stewardship. Successful IT finance leaders are more than just accountants; they fulfill several roles for helping the business get more value from technology spending and investments. As defined in the TBM Council’s CFO of IT Competency Model, they are the Technology Controllers, Investment Managers, Agents of Change and Voice of the Business for their enterprises. This award recognizes today’s CFOs of IT — including VPs of IT Finance, corporate finance leaders (with IT responsibilities) and/or technology controllers – that no longer merely account for IT spend, they drive an IT financial strategy and capability that matches the new demands of the IT organization. They are CFOs of the IT organization.

Successful CFO of IT nominees can demonstrate how they help drive important outcomes such as:

  • Translating cost data into meaningful perspectives for technology and business decision makers
  • Informing decision makers of cost, quality, capacity and consumption tradeoffs within the portfolios of services, applications, vendors, projects and more
  • Communicating costs to business partners in a way that helps shape business demand
  • Finding ways to “variablize” IT costs and enabling public and private cloud adoption
  • Collaborating with corporate financial officers on strategies to fund innovation and growth
  • Connecting planned dollars to IT deliverables and tracking the business value of IT investments
  • Providing insight into budget, variance and forecasts in manner that enables fact-based decision making, proactive identification of opportunities to save or avoid new costs and shapes business demand
  • Planning efficiently and predictably to continually align to changing business priorities
  • This award will be given based on individual achievement

TBM Business Leadership Award

A business-savvy CIO and their team are not only instrumental to the success of the IT organization, they create an IT organization that is strategic to the enterprise. These successful teams are often recognized for their contributions to the business, for their process and program expertise, and for understanding the operations of all lines of business. They are no longer seen as purely technology leaders, they are viewed as business leaders. They take on additional responsibilities such as business operations, innovation, shared services and, in a growing number of cases, revenue generating activities. This award recognizes those CIOs – and their teams – who demonstrate this business leadership.

Successful CIO nominees can demonstrate a track record of:

  • Delivering excellence in IT operations, application development, risk management and innovation
  • Partnering with their business leaders on tackling new business opportunities
  • Developing their team members into both better technology leaders and better business leaders
  • Taking on additional roles or assignments, such as spearheading a merger or divestiture, running non-IT shared services, delivering an enterprise PMO or governance program, or leading a cross-functional innovation program
  • Collaborating with business partners in a transparent fashion to make the tradeoff decisions necessary to optimize business value
  • This award will be given on individual and/or team achievement.
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