What are the TBM Awards?

The TBM Awards honor IT and finance leaders for their use of Technology Business Management disciplines to create value for their organizations and people. The awards recognize these leaders for driving greater innovation, transforming their businesses, optimizing IT cost and delivery, improving enterprise agility and reshaping their portfolios. The awards also recognize leaders for contributing to the art and science of TBM by pushing its boundaries and educating others.

What are the qualifications for being a TBM Awards nominee?

The TBM Awards are reserved for individuals who qualify for TBM Council general membership. These include IT or finance leaders, managers or senior practitioners from organizations with greater than $10M in overall IT budget.

How do I enter the TBM Awards?

We will accept submissions for the 2016 TBM Awards through Sunday, July 3, 2016. Review our categories and selection process to submit your nominations online.

What is the selection process?

Nominees will receive instructions to complete the KPMG TBM Proficiency Assessment, a survey that should take between 15 to 25 minutes to complete and covers various aspects of TBM disciplines. The TBM Council and KPMG will choose semifinalists from the assessment results. Semifinalists will participate in a one-hour phone interview to share their accomplishments and value created for their companies. Based on this interview, KPMG will complete a case study form for each semifinalist. Those case studies will be presented to the Selection Committee, which will rate each one according to a predefined set of selection criteria. The finalists and winners for each award category will be selected based upon those ratings.

What is the KPMG TBM Proficiency Assessment?

KPMG LLP (U.S.) is an Alliance Partner, and the Market Advisor to the TBM Council. Through this partnership, KPMG developed this assessment survey to evaluate the maturity of the TBM practice. The assessment review the following:

  • Accountability
  • Data Quality
  • Collecting and Maintaining Data
  • Managing IT services to the Business
  • Service Offerings
  • Reviews and Monitoring

The assessment has been completed by more than 200 participants from more than 170 companies across nearly every industry vertical, providing a rich set of maturity benchmarks.

The assessment should take no more than 15-25 minutes to complete.

How will my KPMG TBM Proficiency Assessment survey data be used?

The survey results will be used to select semifinalists based on their overall maturity in TBM practices. The purpose is to ensure that accomplishments and value can be attributed to TBM practices. Your survey results will be shared with the Selection Committee members, who will rate each semifinalist according to a predefined set of criteria. Their ratings will be based primarily on accomplishments and value achieved, as shared through the semifinalist phone interview, rather than TBM maturity (from the survey).

The survey data will also be used, in aggregate, by KPMG to report on industry adoption of TBM practices, tools and data. No individually identifiable information from the survey will be shared with anyone outside of the Selection Committee, TBM Council or KPMG as required by the awards process, unless explicitly approved by you.

Can I nominate myself (or my team) or do I need to be nominated by someone else?

You can nominate yourself, your team, or others in your organization that you feel have created value using, in whole or in part, TBM practices, processes and data. You can also nominate someone outside your organization by completing the third-party nomination on the submission form.

Do I need to select a specific award category when nominating myself or someone else?

No. The process is identical for all award categories. Finalists and winners for each award category will be chosen based on how each semifinalist is rated against predefined criteria. It is possible for a nominee to be a finalist and/or a winner in more than one category.

Where are the TBM Awards taking place?

The TBM Awards Gala will take place on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront.

If I cannot attend the TBM Awards Ceremony can I still enter? Can I still win?

Yes, you can designate someone on your team to attend and accept the award on your behalf. If no one is available to accept the award, the TBM Council will choose a delegate to accept the award at the ceremony on your behalf.

What are my responsibilities if I am selected as a finalist?

Finalists will be asked to complete the following steps:

  • All semifinalists will participate in a 60 minute phone interview led by KPMG to complete the details of your story. This interview will take place between Monday, July 11 and Friday, July 29, 2016. The information gathered during the interview will be used to produce an interview guide. This guide will be presented to the selection committee who will use this to determine the selection of finalists and winners.
  • A press release to announce the finalists per category and a press release to announce and recognize the winners after the Awards Gala.
  • TBM practices as experienced by the finalists and winners will be used to produce publications to be hosted on the TBM Council website and/or other Council properties. These publications help educate TBM Council members and attract new members. All will be provided to you for review and approval before posting publicly.

What makes a winning entry?

Our selection committee gives preference to submissions that are able to show measurable and strong results, with an emphasis on business value and outcomes. However, no confidential information will be shared publicly without your review and approval.

Questions? Contact us at: awards@tbmcouncil.org

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