Bringing Clarity to IT Costs for Berkley Technology Services

Moving towards a cohesive and collaborative system, Berkley Technology Services (BTS) enhanced the IT allocations methodology while changing the conversation from costs to value. Implementation of their TBM system helped shape the decision making process by providing transparency into accurate information. Showing the value of IT at a granular level and explaining what services contributed to driving the expenses in each business enabled better analysis and an increased rate of innovation and growth.

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Program Owner
  • Kyle Sellner, Controller
  • Jeremy Bullock, Vice President, Finance
  • Beth Lewis, Sr. Financial Analyst
TBM Solution
  • Apptio Cost Transparency
  • Moving away from spreadsheets to a TBM system provided more granular views into costs, enabling better decisions
  • Changed the language and created a culture of accountability
  • Completed full TBM system integration within 12 weeks
  • Created a granular view of cost drivers, providing accurate data for strategic conversations
  • Provided accurate, understandable, and transparent allocations to operating units
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