Demystifying IT Elevates Cargill Team to Leadership Role

In the last couple of years, Cargill has brought all of its IT spend into global IT owned and managed service lines. Global financial data is pulled together to create a service-oriented Bill of IT that has shifted conversations with the business to value vs. cost. Now, Apptio IT Planning is helping the team push accountability to business owners, promoting a focus on value creation and innovation instead of the cost of the IT bill. New efforts to plan and forecast in real-time are helping the team evolve from order takers to innovative leaders within the organization.

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Program Owner
  • Justin Kershaw , CIO
  • James Pleis, IT Finance Lead for Global IT
  • Jan-Willem Ligthart, TBM Lead in IT Finance
TBM Solutions
  • Apptio Cost Transparency
  • Apptio Bill of IT
  • Apptio IT Planning Foundation
  • Actively leveraging TBM data informs and enables innovation discussions, supporting the strategy set for cloud, digitization, and data center location
  • A strong focus on what-if analyses enables improved partnership between the business and IT around strategic decision-making, as the resulting IT-related impact of those decisions are clearly articulated
  • TBM-driven efforts like application rationalization, license management, and optimizing IT teams have helped save over $20 million in the past two years
  • Better matching server demand and capacity saved $5 million dollars
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy in planning is enabling new opportunities to drive value-based decision-making
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