Better Planning Leads to Better Outcomes at CHRISTUS Health

Given aggressive asset growth plans for the business, CHRISTUS Health created new levers for cost savings and cost avoidance in order to contain IT spending and improve IT leverage. By modeling and reporting on the TCO of 1,200 applications, they were able to identify spend per service category and applications on a monthly basis. This helped tie a $60 million growth in application spend to increased demand for resources, leading to more productive C-suite conversations about consumption. Strength of transparency and improved relationships with the business positioned the CIO for immediate approval of the IT budget without any of the churn required in past years.

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Program Owner
  • George Conklin, SVP & CIO
  • Stephanie Rendon, Director of IM Finance
  • Bennetta Raby, System Director, IM Strategy and Performance Improvement
  • Aaron Almaraz, TBM Program Manager
TBM Solution
  • Apptio Cost Transparency
  • Apptio IT Planning Foundation
  • Apptio IT Benchmarking
  • Discovered $60M growth in application spend tied to increased demand for resources
  • Headcount reduction avoided
  • Dramatically improved budget approval process
  • Translated finance GL categories into relevant, actionable IT budget and forecast categories
  • Streamlined planning process including budget consolidations, resource tracking version control
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