Game Changing Insights Lead to Innovation at FedEx

In an effort to unite operational silos and manage IT spend across business units, FedEx used cost transparency and application & infrastructure analysis to unveil key drivers behind their multimillion-dollar IT spend. This fueled a shift to fact- versus assumption-based decision-making that enabled redistribution of existing run-the-business spending to change-the business initiatives. Examples include decommissioning tens-of-thousands of servers and all associated costs to yield large savings in the infrastructure budget and a transition from decades-old legacy applications to solutions that support cloud, e-commerce, and new ways to work with customers.

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Program Owner
  • Kevin Humphries, SVP of IT
  • Mark McGough, CFO
TBM Solutions
  • Apptio Cost Transparency
  • Tens-of-thousands of servers were underutilized, eating up millions of dollars in the infrastructure budget
  • For a shared services organization, private cloud offers cost savings + control, ROI, and TCO benefits
  • Leveraged visibility into application spend to rationalize costs/consumption
  • Justified transition to virtualization and cloud
  • Shifted run-the-business spending to fund new projects
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