Saving $330 Million at HP Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise needed to move away from being an unexplainable tax to the business and toward becoming a true strategic partner. They needed to shift substantial funds used to run the business into changing the business while, at the same time, offering complete cost transparency into technology expenses. With the help of TBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is on track to save $330 million over three years.

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Program Owner
  • Office of the CIO
  • Michel Brassart, Sr. Director TBM Office, IT Mergers & Acquisitions, and Cost Management Programs
TBM Solutions
  • Apptio IT Planning
  • Apptio Cost Transparency
  • Apptio Business Insights
  • Reducing applications from 3,300 to 325 will contribute to substantial savings
  • Removing 2 out of 6 data centers by reducing their footprint and cloud migration will reduce costs
  • Identified 40% of unused storage capacity representing $33 Million in capital
  • Assisted in the successful split of HP, Inc. and HP Enterprise (HPE) in the final quarter of 2015
  • Aligned Finance and IT departments around IT budget allocation costs to business units
  • Applied $40 million from two data center closures to push forward the cloud transformation program
  • Provided complete transparency and mapping of 100% of HPE’s IT financial data without a single dollar falling out of the model
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