How TBM helped Maritz’ CIO deliver competitive IT services and earn the trust of his business partners

Maritz CIO Gerry Imhoff used TBM methodology and tools to accomplish a nearly 40% reduction in the corporate IT budget. At the same time, TBM was used to support a decentralization strategy, yielding surprising results. Giving his customers, the VPs of finance and technology in each of the Maritz businesses, access to Apptio Cost Transparency changed the dynamic, enabling IT’s shift to service provider and improving trust in Imhoff’s organization. As a result, Imhoff’s team was able to cut $18M from the corporate IT budget and become a preferred provider of centralized services in a decentralized environment.

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Program Owner
  • Gerry Imhoff, SVP & CIO
TBM Solutions
  • Apptio Cost Transparency
  • Apptio IT Planning
  • Reduced number of reporting days significantly, while increasing the quality of reports and establishing accurate cost drivers
  • Increased transparency across IT departments, helping the IT team offer more competitive services
  • Increased credibility across business units
  • Reduced IT spend by nearly 40%, meeting the cost reduction mandate of $18 million while increasing the ability to provide competitive IT services by controlling cost drivers
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