TBM Equips Nike Technology to Help the Business Grow Faster

Nike is a pioneer in TBM and has continued to innovate, moving beyond data standardization and cost reductions to business differentiation that will fuel Nike’s plans to grow from $32.4B to $50B in revenue. TBM has been at the forefront of three major outcomes at Nike, including consistent data, optimized IT, and transparency. As Nike looks ahead, TBM continues to be a key driver n cloud migration.

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Program Owner
  • Carl Stumpf, Senior Director, Technology Data and Analytics
  • Jim Scholefield, Global CIO
  • Jason Booth, Vice President, Technology Strategy and Transformation
TBM Solutions
  • Cost Transparency
  • Business Insights
  • Benchmarking
  • Bill of IT
  • Insight TBM data tells a more nuanced story about the benefits of technology—going beyond revenue generation to ensure the organization is innovating and optimizing in every aspect of technology delivery.
  • A scalable platform enables Nike’s rapid growth while reducing risk
  • Reduced complexity, improved cost transparency, and more agile execution
  • Nike is focusing the future of IT on the cloud, with goals of reducing applications by 65% over the next 5 years
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