How TBM Drives Business Strategy at Royal Bank of Scotland

For Royal Bank of Scotland, the TBM team was formed to understand and effectively map technology cost to business consumption of that technology. Today, TBM underpins strategic decision-making and is driving front and center of cost takeout aligned with business objectives. Application rationalization is more effectively considered for all related costs and across the entire stack that supports the application, enabling the business to look at every facet of cost reduction and make decisions about priorities based on complete information. A large, enterprise-wide team is utilizing TBM to problem solve, positioning IT as a strategic partner to the business.

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Program Owner
  • John Smith, the CIO of Corporate & Institutional Banking
  • Nasir Omar, RBS's Head of Business Management, Technology
  • Robert Grassie, Head of RBS' TBM Office
TBM Solutions
  • Apptio Cost Transparency; Apptio Bill of IT; Apptio IT Planning
  • IT and the TBM team are pivotal to achieving a reduced cost/income ratio of under 50%
  • TBM plays a key role in valuing tech assets and costs associated with M&As
  • More than 500 TBM users are making tactical problem solving easier, freeing the IT team to tackle more strategic initiatives and innovation
  • Cost takeout of over 20% of IT spend to date
  • Significantly improved efficiency: business requests, now turn around in 3–4 hours vs 3–4 days
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