TBM Council - Technology Business Management

About the TBM Council

What Is Technology Business Management?

Technology Business Management (TBM) provides a practical, applied discipline for maximizing the value of the IT investment portfolio by enabling technology leaders and their business partners to collaborate on business aligned decisions. Relying on transparency, TBM defines a foundation for managing supply and demand by enabling financial and performance trade-offs needed to optimize run-the-business spending and improve change-the-business investments.

Who Is the TBM Council?

The TBM Council emerged from a biannual executive summit sponsored by Apptio, the leading provider of TBM solutions. To allow for an independent board of directors, the TBM Council was formed as a nonprofit organization to create and promote best practices for running IT as a business. Apptio remains the Council's technical advisor.

Our mission is to serve equally our members and our profession by defining a decision-making framework that creates and sustains business value by balancing the supply of and demand for technology services. The Council’s objectives are to publish a generally accepted set of TBM practices and facilitate benchmarking by business technology leaders against those practices.

Who Can Participate?

General membership in the Council is open to qualifying CIOs and senior business technology executives at no cost. Our discussions often center on IT financial transparency and fiscal discipline but extend to related topics such as cloud computing, application rationalization, infrastructure optimization and more.

Furthermore, many TBM Council deliverables, such as the eBook and the TBM Index, are available to the general public.