Industry Executive TBM Workgroups

TBM Council Workgroups are designed to foster collaboration between senior technology leaders and TBM Council partners. They are a great opportunity to connect with your global IT peers to share insights and gain knowledge.

The purpose of the workgroups is to develop thought leadership, frameworks, competency models, research, industry-specific TBM taxonomies and other deliverables to advance the IT profession and promote TBM adoption worldwide.

What to Expect

There are virtual sessions over the course of the year, culminating at the TBM Conference in the TBM Council Workgroup Summit.

Workgroup meetings will include interactive presentations, panel discussions, and best practices from Workgroup members. These Workgroup meetings are a terrific time to learn from one another’s collective experiences.

By registering for a TBM Council Workgroup you will be notified of upcoming meetings, including post meeting webinars and other content.



Attend a TBM Workgroup to:


with an exclusive group of other executives on the practice of Technology Business Management.


on industry-specific best practices for measuring, improving and communicating the business value of technology in your enterprise.


how larger trends in your industry will affect IT, and how your peers are preparing to meet those trends head-on.


your profession toward a deeper understanding of the economics of IT and the establishment of industry-specific benchmarks, service taxonomies and implementation methods.

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