Technology Business Management: The Four Value Conversations CIOs Must Have With Their Businesses

Authored by TBM Council General Manager Todd Tucker, this first-ever book on Technology Business Management shares the stories and lessons from hundreds of interviews with CIOs, CTOs, CFOs and other business-savvy technology leaders, case studies in TBM with leading enterprises like Cisco, First American Financial, eBay, Nationwide Building Society and Cox Enterprises, and the contributions of the TBM Council’s partners and founder (e.g., KPMG, ISG, McKinsey, Apptio).

The purpose of the book is to educate IT leaders, such as CIOs and CTOs, on how they can become better service providers, value partners and business drivers through the disciplines of TBM including transparency, delivering value for the money, shaping business demand and governing for value.

The book includes the following:
  • Foreword by Tom Murphy (University of Pennsylvania), Debra Bailey (Nationwide Building Society) and Mike Brown (ExxonMobil)
  • Introduction: Be the CEO of Your Technology Business
  • Chapter 1: The Business Revolution in IT
  • Chapter 2: The Tools of TBM
  • Chapter 3: Positioning for Value
  • Chapter 4: Creating Transparency
  • Chapter 5: Delivering Value for the Money
  • Chapter 6: Shaping Business Demand
  • Chapter 7: Planning and Governing for Value
  • Chapter 8: Optimizing Your Business
  • Chapter 9: Transforming Your Business
  • Chapter 10: Continuously Improving Value
  • Chapter 11: Expanding the Business Partnership
  • Chapter 12: The Best Time to Start
  • Appendix A: Technology Business Model Archetypes
  • Appendix B: CFO of IT Competency Model
  • Glossary

Based on interviews with 22 board members (including emeritus) and 55 Principal Members, learnings from 21 TBM Award case studies, four+ years of TBM Index data and other research, and contributions from the technical advisor and partners of the TBM Council, the book serves as an excellent introduction to TBM based on real-world practices.

The book is available in Kindle format from Amazon.com and available to TBM Council members as an eBook. Join the TBM Council as a General or Prinicipal member today! Hardback copies will be available soon.

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