The Technology Business Management (TBM) Framework defines the standard elements for managing the business of IT. It describes organizational considerations, core disciplines, value-optimizing decisions, and performance-based culture that comprise an effective TBM program. The framework also provides the structure for the forthcoming TBM Book.

The TBM Framework's disciplines and capabilities provide benefits such as:

  • Translating costs into actionable insights for both business and IT leaders
  • Accelerating IT planning and communicating the budget in business terms
  • Replacing emotions and assumptions with facts about value and tradeoffs
  • Building trust and changing behavior with defensible cost allocations
  • Optimizing costs and rationalizing portfolios of apps, vendors, and more
  • Improving agility by providing levers to effect change more quickly
  • Aligning technology spending and investments to business priorities

The TBM Framework is currently undergoing its second iteration based on input from TBM Council members, partners, and the technical advisor.

Benchmark Your Organization with TBM Index

Want to see how your organization has already adopted the framework's disciplines and capabilities? Use the TBM Index, a survey assessment which follows the structure of the TBM Framework (v1.0). In less than a half hour, you can benchmark your organization against the framework as well as your industry peers.

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