Technology Business Management — or TBM — is a set of disciplines and practices for using data, analytics and processes to improve and communicate the business value of IT. Whether or not you know it, you probably employ many TBM elements in your own organization, but you may be missing elements that make a big impact on the value you create. The question is: which ones?

McKinsey & Company and the Technology Business Management (TBM) Council have partnered to help you answer this question via a one-of-a-kind benchmark assessment called the Technology Business Management Index™.

The TBM Index is based on interviews with TBM leaders and benchmark data from more than 250 enterprises in North America, Europe and Australia. By participating in the survey, you will discover the vital elements and maturity levels of a TBM-capable enterprise. Furthermore, you will receive a benchmark report upon completion of this phase of the study.

By giving us 20-30 minutes of your time, McKinsey will provide you with a TBM Index report that compares your responses to the average and top quartile figures on all relevant dimensions. McKinsey’s consultants may also make themselves available to you via phone for discussion. This output will help you understand your existing value management practices and create an informed roadmap for improvement. A summary report of all data will be published in the middle of 2016. All TBM Index participants will receive the summary report.

The survey assesses a holistic set of capabilities that need to be in place to manage the business of IT. These include your IT operating model, service orientation, organization, tools, and management capabilities. The survey also evaluates the financial impact and satisfaction from Technology Business Management.

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